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a bunch of little guys

(since im linking this page 2 my cs sig now- hiiii! hi cs users who clicked it. ignore the mess!!! the uma archive is just below. this is my personal website so thats why everything is all over the place lol)

ok so. when i was like really young... i liked collecting little guys (aka player-made adoptables). i would simply just adopt a bunch of them just to have. sometimes i would stick around the community and interact with fellow adopters of that species and sometimes id dip after getting mine. i ended up collecting so many that i literally Had No Place To Put Them (as it went WAY over the signature limit for most sites lol). so i uh. accidentally left some behind.... and by 'some' i mean like 80% of em ^-^''''''
and over the years i slowly forgot about them as i moved to other sites due to growing up.....

untillllllll i was browsing through neocities and came across nekojiru, and after browsing through their website, found their links page- and found a little guy!

this set off a chain reaction of memories and trailing ideas. 'hey, thats cute! maybe i could take one of them to put on my website..' to 'but hey, didnt i already have a bunch of adopted guys back on my old accounts?' to 'OH. I CAN HOST THEM ALL HERE NOW!!!!'. leading to this page being created!

(btw, a guy adopted from the abandoned adoption site above! i have dubbed her 'Rouge' because she reminds me of rouge the bat. i love women!!!!)

so ive decided to go through the horrors (looking through messages i made when i was quite literally a child (SINGLE DIGITS AGE!!!)) to find all of them.. to bring them to the light!!!!
hover will show their names and the original fourms will be linked.
now, let the adoptable swarm begin......

From Chickensmoothie

curse you cs summer event. yeah im back into cs now V-V and im peeking very respectfully at the uma threads. waaaah all of them look so cool.... waiting very patiently for celests and toebeans to release a new litter. those two have especially peaked my interest. though im probs gonna snag a few from other umas............ (this has already started, matcha is a new recruit!!)

From Dragcave

the dragcave sprites look cool as hell, and it seems like it would be nice to get back into if only to discover the nice spritework. unfortunately. dragcaves whole thing is clicks and i Dont Talk Enough to be able to get any hatchlings past egg form lol. maybe ill put some on the landing page?

more tba. also sidenote i WOULD have added a pokefarmQ section but quite literally those are ALL LOST TO TIME cus i didnt back them up and pfq has a forum rule of '3 months inactivity = full deletion of thread' and. i got my adoptables years ago at this point. yeah im kinda upset about that.. :( (though they were all mainly pokemon sprite edits, and not necessarily full species like the other adopts. still upset about it though)