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homemade graphics

thanks to me being unable to sleep until 3am and the vague recollection of someone in the tumblr ttcc tag making pacesetter stamps these now exist! :) making stamps is fun lol im def gonna be making more of them.
free to use, give credit back to me, no hotlinking please !!! now *to the stamps* go.... be free, my beauts........ (i dont actually know if most of the fandom stamps will even be used by anyone other than me lolll the things im obsessed with are the most niche shit ever. naq and dynamite headdy dont even have fandoms its literally Just Me. Oh Well.)
To Be Added To !!!!
ignore the fact that the stamps are the wrong size. i grabbed the wrong stamp base V-V and i dont want to go back and fix all of them (+ this size is easier to resize images for anyway)




take a little guy with you, if you want to.
free to use, just link back to here. feel free to name them whatever you want ^-^