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Milos From Home [ongoing]
Tales of Perfectheart [ongoing]
The Average Adventures of Genericpaw [ongoing]
The Property Of Hate [ongoing]
Preeny Has To Repeat 6th Grade [ongoing]
Molly's Future Mishaps [ongoing]
On Borrowed Time [ongoing]
pokemon explorerz!!! [ongoing]
The Northless Compass [ongoing]
Sleepless Domain [ongoing]

Video Series'

Paper Mario: The Mask of Stars [finished]
Ye VHS Tapes of Olde [ongoing]
Behind the Curtain [ongoing]
Tues day [abandoned]
Anna-Logue! [ongoing]
EggoTama [ongoing]
ROYN [ongoing]
Zeemyth [ongoing]
NECRO-NANCY 64 [ongoing?]


PMD: Story of Arceus [ongoing]
PMD: Fire & Stone [ongoing]
Moonlit Tracks in a Strange Land [ongoing]
PMD: Lost Tracks of Time (tumblr) [finished]
Love What is Mortal (tumblr) [finished]


RUSTY MOON [funeral bell draws near and Alec & Kazam]
Dream Puzzles [smart people and ur computer]
plenka [this is a good music mix..]
    Specific Songs

other peoples links

i thiiink this was the webpage which spirred the idea of making a webpage the most to me. i just found it soo so cool.... like god. i should do that. that would be so cool. a little place for me with activities and buttons and things to click...
(10/12/2023) NOOOOOO IT WENT DOWN............................. ITS FULLY GONE..........
AUUUUUUUUU AUUUUU < sad cat yowling noise
[link to an archived version of the page]
website of a tumblr mutual. this is a moral obligation. (jk. while im not knowledgable in pop'n like.. at all, i do like just browsing their website for funsies. the website tab title changes are cute and i like looking at all the different messages put there, i like reading through the trivia and i like her comments at the bottom of character pages ^-^)
- cool project meant to shout out smaller sites on here!!!! im on there hehe :) also i think their art is cute !!

Tuna Website Button!

graphic credits

sbm5 white idle from gifcities (keyword: bomberman) (original page)
some of the stamps and that stupid amongus skateboarding gif that i love dearly were from pixelbank on neocities but it seems like the website is completely down? not sure why that is...
a few buttons from 88by31

interesting areas

OurWorldOfPixels - an online pixel canvas that anyone can go and draw on! really fun to just look around and explore (although it is a bit hard to draw with if you arent like. an actual pixel artist), made even cooler due to the fact that its been around since 2018- well, i think that makes it cooler. its fun to see the parts people leave behind for others to find years down the line. i actually went to -1mil on the x axis (MANUALLY. it took me 5 hours to travel. yes i dont have anything else better to do), so if you decide to travel that way on the main highway you'll see some art i left on the journey!
do whatever you want with this presentation - some guy made a google slides presentation and let tumblr users have free reign over it. this is the result. check it out and/or add your own slide(s). i personally added a bmj-shrine slide + extra commentary to others although it may have gotten a bit lost cus 100 slides have been added since then (it has 700+ currently). i did also go through this whole presentation manually (when it had 600 slides) and my laptop wasnt happy about it. i also met another guy on my travels and he was going through the whole thing while in a school lecture ! i wonder how that guy is doing now... hopefully good.
Cloudhiker - a directory that sends you to a random, interesting website every time you click a button!
Bored Button - The same as Cloudhiker, except mainly focusing on short, simple, 'boredom killing' websites
Safety Sign Generator - Make your own safety signs with custom text!
Yume Nikki Online - an online hub of a bunch of different yume nikki fangames, with yume 2kki being the most alive one!
Ragey's Totally Bombastic Bomberman Shrine Place - a really big bomberman shrine cataloguing like.. everything you can think of about bomberman. unfortunately has a lot of unfinished pages but still has enough content to have you looking through it for A While
JS KidPix - a version of kidpix that works directly in your browser!
How to Databend an Image - a quick tumblr tutorial on how to databend an image and get some gnarly results. ive used databending in my art b4 and its so fun !!!! if you know what you're doing you get some cool looking pieces.
MyFridgeFood - a website for when you're feeling hungry but only have a few scattered ingredients and dont know what to make- put in what you have currently onhand and it'll show you a bunch of different recipes using those ingredients!
Vimm's Lair - a website dedicated to preserving a bunch of games for older consoles- i mainly use this website 4 their free rom library, which is fucking massive!! a very easy way to get roms for emulation.
Emoji Kitchen - for fusing emojis together! for funsies :)
Color Blender - website that allows you to nicely blend two colors together with a customizable midpoint amount.