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honestly ive had a lot of passing thoughts about a buuuuunch of different media, so heres a whole page cataloguing all of them and my levels of mental illness towards them. the spoiler boxes contain.. spoilers. duh.
if you're looking for the stuff im really mentally ill about, then check out my shrines.

wip wip i accidentally fell asleep while writing this and lost my groove! oops. ill continue writing this later.
also, fun fact, did you know that the px used to indicate columns and rows doesnt mean 'how far across the page it is' and is instead 'how wide the column is'? i found this out just now. yes i coded the stamps on the about page not exactly knowing how they worked. yes it did drive me fucking insane.
actual info VVV
thank you youtube recommendations. at this point you're the only thing giving me new shit to fixtate on lolll. anyways i found out about ttcc because a video of rainmakers bossfight found its way into my recommended- i thought she looked kinda cool so i decided to check it out. and i was captivated right away. her failgirl swag. her banger music. i had to know everything about her right that instant. so i did :) (aka i watched a bunch more videos relating to ttcc and then browsed the tumblr ttcc tag for a million years).

sorry i cant explain myself here. im very much still a fan of vitamin connection but not really for the game itself but moreso the fact that the characters moved into my head and refuse to leave even though i keep trying to evict them. something about them just made me grab and not let go. involuntarily.
about the actual game- i think i was interested in it from the day it came out? i thought it looked cute. i owe stormsfunnygaming on youtube my life because im pretty sure they were the only one on youtube at the time uploading a letsplay decently fast ('werent there like actual letsplayers uploading it' well yeah but im an impatient little bastard). im so sorry man i came for the vitamin connection letsplay and nothing else. i hope you're doing well enough with video making.........
honestly the story isnt the best thing ever. the thing takes a really hard turn in its story which is teeeechnically foreshadowed but not. in a good way if that makes sense. it makes sense in hindsight i guess but also it still felt like out of left field when it happened. also power of friendship moral just kind of appears at the end. idk i still think the game is cute and then again i am not thinking about these guys because of the story. i dont actually know why these squeaky toy looking asses grabbed my brain so hard. id love to know.
'whos your favorite' um. well. heres a ranking:
1. tied between elec-tron and vita-boy + mina-girl (they are a combined package and cannot be seperated)
2. pro-biotic
3. selenium
4. everyone else
ive brainrotted so hard on elec-tron and the vitamin twins that ive literally snatched them for my own personal projects. the vitamin twins i put in my own headspace story and elec-tron for [redacted project].
btw. the music goes hard as hell and it has no fucking right to. for my personal favorites of the soundtrack: gummy drop (i think the lyrics are funny as hell too. the dichotomy of 'wash away my sin' and 'go go gummy vitamin' being lyrics that actually both exist in this song. and rhyming.); plastic two-tone (this is just a nice chill song to me); kururi (anxiety but in a good way); casimir; pavlov's bell (loooove the synth..); lemon syrup (cozy ass song); break of day (oooohhh love this one. unfortunately for a good chunk of my period of listening to this song i only had a version where the beam sound affect was overlayed over the whole song. thankfully the actual songs have been uploaded by one of those yt artist 'topic' channels. though i do prefer some of the yt ripped versions (from this channel) over the proper uploaded ones lol.); FREE ME (i love the dissonance of the visuals and the music created here. why does this song go so fucking hard for funny switch co-op game); inseki baiking (also known as "final boss 1" to me for a good chunk of time. thanks youtube rip upload. anyways this song is just cool).
HONESTLY. my vitamin connection brainrot is coming back at me so i might make a minishrine.

i was vaaaguely a warrior cats fan and by that i mean id been a fan of it for years before i actually read one of the books lol!! id just consume wc through fancontent and guess the rest of it. i eventually read dotc 1-4(? i didnt finish it all the way but dont remember where i stopped) sometime in 2018 and then into the wild 1-5 a while after that (i lost interest just before swiftpaws death i think. its cus i already knew what was going to happen V-V).
while i read dotc through my schools library i actually own all of itw! its just been sitting up on my shelf for forever now lol. unfortunately have the ones with the ugly covers. im.. not actually sure what to do with it now. because i have no plans of getting/reading the rest of the series due to both knowing what happens already and also hearing of the horrors of erin's writing from other wc fans. i might use it for art projects as aesthetic? more likely they'll just rot on my shelf ^-^'''
fun fact! while i was reading dotc, i got so physically upset at toms existence in general that i had to physically put down the book multiple times. i cannot remember any other thoughts i had about dotc other than that. the fact that the cunt gets a redemption death makes me want to hit erin hunter with a steel chair. among other things ive heard written into warrior cats.

rhythm thief is a nice game :) found out about it through a 'cursed' edit of Louvre Museum Invasion, realized that the song actually kind of slapped, wanted to find out the game and then ended up binging a whole playthrough. i think if you can get and play it you should! there are some increasingly funny moments, like the fact that phantom r literally gets shot. like straight up. and then he walks it off afterwards and its never mentioned again. cannot understate how funny that is. though honestly the only reason rhythm thief still bounces around my subconsious is the fact that theres a guy on tumblr who runs a blog called "is-there-a-rt-sequel-yet" who has been counting daily since their blogs creation for the days that have passed since the game came out. they have been going FOR 11 YEARS!!!!! their blog was created in 2013!!!!!!! genuinely stronger than i ever could be and i hope rt gets a sequel for that person and that person only :)

ENAAAA enaaa my darling ena. i love ena. so so very cool. im waiting very patiently for dream bbq and im gonna go into that game fully blind for the best experience. i also love love love enas general. everything really. vibes are emaculate the artstyle emulation of old shitty pointnclick videogames is on point the music goes pretty hard and gaaaahhhhh!!!!! i want it for my own art tbh. what i strive for....