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tba need to redo the bomberman hero and pokemon emerald reviews. need to write the outcore review.

due to the power of ~piracy~ and ~emulators~ and uh. ~finding free shit online~, i have now started playing more actual games. and i want to talk about them :)

Super Bomberman 1-5 (SNES)

grouping these 5 altogether because they're all relatively short games and are also from the same series..
the first games i ever tried emulating! i started with sbm2 (because dastardly bombers...) and then worked my way through normally (1 to 5). honestly, i had fun!
theres not much to say about the first 4, other than like. yeah i had a good time. i like the designs of all the evil groups in all of these games, and the most memorable thing i remember from them is that i kept sucking really hard at the final/semi final bosses T-T. i cant comment on the music at all because i played all of them with the sound off (worked through them while in class at school lol).
however. SBM5. my darlingggg!!! sbm5 is easily my favorite of the series. the addition of an over world map and interconnected levels definitely boosted my enjoyment here. plus i really like terrorin.... i dont know why.... hes just my favorite.
i ended up loving sbm5 so much that i 200% IT. that entails going through and clearing every single level, twice. i did in fact use a map guide to figure out the level connections (i dont hate myself that much! thank you gamefaqs) but it was still fun to go through!!!
for other things i liked about the game, the music from what i recall is pretty good (still played a majority of the game mute, but there were a few times where i listened to the music) and i play the battle mode all the time. very very fun game.
misc thoughts:

  • bomber woof can go die (i did not have fun playing his bossfight. whyyyy is he the first boss)
  • pirate bomber and subordinate bomber are laughably easy (fighting two guys at once is a good idea but in practice they would always damage each other more than i could lol)
  • pink rooie is the best rooie gameplay wise and purple rooie is the best rooie fun wise. taking no further comments.

Bomberman Hero (in progress)

oohhhhh i wanted to play this one so badly. i wanted to be Good at it so badly.
unfortunately i fucking sucked at this and also never finished it. i thiiink i got up tothe second planet, halfway through the level list.
this was due to many different factors. one: it was a failsafe game- aka, i was gonna play 64, but lemuroid had a Very Bad Time running it (a bunch of shit never loaded and effects were fucked up as hell) so i switched to hero. two: lemuroid also had a BAD TIME running hero. There are random lag spikes every now and again plus due to some weird glitch i couldnt actually quit the emulator during levels. if i quit during gameplay, when i booted up again it would just freeze. therefore i would have to use saveslots during loading zones. plus, during the transformation sections the up and down controls would revert, which just made those sections harder for no reason. and third: i was bad. the perspective fucked me up and i had trouble doing platforming sections :(
so i dropped the game- lost interest. sadly.......
honestly lemuroid had a bad time running a bunch of games. Bomberman 64, Klonoa (but like. only after a certain point in the starting level that if you passed the whole emulator would shit itself. before that, it ran fine. i still have no idea what that was about), Pokemon W2 (ran slow as hell when booted up, i got past choosing my starter, and the thing just gave up on me. crashes immediately after booting). made me switch to using computer emulators for most other games.

Pokemon Emerald (in progress)

pokemon emerald is a. pokemon game. my first pokemon game. I dont know what to tell you its a pokemon game alright.
honestly cant remember much about most of my playthrough. i played through most of it during/inbetween classes as a filler thing so thats probably why. ive tried shiny hunting for full odds multiple times and i, like an insane person, kept track of my encounters through tallying them down on a physical piece of paper. havent gotten a shiny yet.
ended up dropping it just b4 victory road because i was getting burnt out and the fact that a few of my party members were a little too underleveled so repels didnt work...
i picked it up again while i was out at a grandparents house w/o wifi and. went through all of victory road in complete darkness with that stupid 1-tile radius because i was too stubborn to ruin my electrikes moveset with flash. Without A Guide. thats my most memorable moment in the entire run lol im still proud of myself for doing it.
still not finished with the game- currently grinding to get my party members high enough leveled to be onpar with the elite 4. no idea what their type specialties are so thatll be a neat surprise when i get there.
my current team:



Super Mario RPG (in progress)

i heard that smrpg was getting a remake and decided that hey. ive seen that geno guy around. i like that geno guy. i should emulate and play smrpg b4 the remake comes out. and i am now 👍. (i did not actually finish it before the remake came out and have been avoiding videos on it like the plague)
as said a sentence ago, i didnt actually finish the game yet- for some reason, ive only been motivated to play it when my internet goes out lol. which has been... two times so far. so ive only gotten as far as the mines currently. its an enjoyable experience though! because it prevents me from just googling stuff when im stuck. we go through this game how it was intended- with no help!!!!!
my most memorable moments because of this so far is when i had to bruteforce the music tadpole puzzle because i couldnt remember in what order the notes (do re me fa so etc etc) were. i had ms paint and a screenshot open like right beside the window too. was really getting into it, ha
for the game itself, i like it. i am enjoying geno a lot more than i thought i would be (me going woaaahhh holy shit geno!!!!! its him!!!! every time he appeared on screen before he joined the party hehe), i like the living embodiment of that yellow mspaint crying emoji (mallow), and i find all the dialogue charming so far. combat goes between being pretty breezy and kicking my ass for no reason. also this might be an emulator problem, but i feel like the action commands are slightly too early compared to the animations, and tbh are pretty easy to hit perfects on. oh well, not complaining about it lol
you may be asking, isnt smrpg like a really old game + well liked. dont you know how it goes? funny story! i dont. like legit im going into this game nearly fully blind. the only thing i knew concretely about smrpg before going in was that geno was a character in it. avoiding spoilers for extremely popular media is honestly a special skill of mine.