update log
december 30 2023- added my artfight art i did this year to the 2023 art gallery! also, we hit 6,000 views!
december 27 2023- got rid of the christmas theming + added a new years theming to the homepage, and added a free adopt section to the graphics page. also realized a disk would be better fitted rather than a record for the naq shrine so i spent. a bit. making a custom disk graphic. im a girly who has way too much time on her hands.
december 26 2023- naq shrine is in the process of being remade. bg is added and i need to tweak a bit of it and still need to do more graphics
december 25 2023- specifically went back and fixed the right box codes you see on the nights shrine + naq shrine + link page because the way i got them to the right was driving me a little crazy. also... naq shrine redesign in the works. im making custom background and art for it and everything.... bg is done (was done yesterday night) but i still have graphics to make + stuff to code.
december 23 2023- redid the sbm1-5 review
december 22 2023- added some comics and fanfic i follow to the links page!
december 18 2023- 2023 art page is now accessable! theres no art in that page yet tho. just the cringetober subpage. still a wip bc i need to make a proper back button.
december 17 2023- i have christmas-afied the homepage. just the homepage though lol. plus i did a few minimal edits on the link page and an extra question in the about me. also we hit 5k views???? we hit 4k like nearly 2 weeks ago. really speeding past the milestones now.
december 15 2023- LETS FUCKING GOOOO i got the code in the review page working nicely. thank fucking god. plus i also added a few more interesting links to the links page
december 10 2023- added some more interesting places to the link page + got rid of the update banner stuff from months ago that was on here. replaced by a marquee banner lol (with placeholder text bc i cant think of anything rn)
december 9 2023- added onto the nights shrine a bit!!! related links + a gif
december 5 2023- reworded the about page a little, plus added more gifs to it. yippee! also, we hit 4,000 views!!!!
december 2 2023- worked on the art gallery again! all of my cringetober art has been put up. i have to work on the rest of that page now..... also, added a few new homemade stamps
december 1 2023- working on the art gallery once again. gave up on the fancy javascript since it was starting to like. actively demotivate me from working on it. so im going with normal images now! debating on whether i should give the gallery a unique theme or not...
november 27 2023- added smrpg review to review page. desperately trying to figure out how to do changing text through button click without using innerhtml and failing miserably. im a stubborn bitch who doesnt want to make individual pages for every review. raaahhhhhhhh
november 21 2023- finished my guestboard so if you want you can go post something up there ^-^ im making myself do this update when im so sleepy so i can psyc myself out of being nervous about putting oen up lol. sense of 'god just do it so i can go to bed' overwrites the anxiety. i am still very tired though. gah.
november 16 2023- added ena snippet to the media page.
november 15 2023- had another go at getting the code in the art gallery working. did not get far. auuuughhhh its so annoyinggggggg to work witthhhhhhh and time consuming too. that thing is probably never getting finished. (the fact that i currently have a bandaid on my lefthand index finger that limits its movement does not help with coding...)
november 14 2023- small additions to the about page (mew gif + a few new stamps). i will need to restructure + rewrite the code later so i can actually add gifs into the huge ass empty space i have between the fav and actual about box. past me has finally bit future me in the ass for that page. im not doign that rn though im tired as hell and i need to go to bed. 'why were you adding gifs then' im. i had the urge to website code ok.
november 4 and 10 2023- worked on the nights shrine and finally added it to the shrine directory. its not fully finished yet but its got enough content to where im happy presenting it now!!! also... first follower of the website!!!! hiiii hello!!!! giggling and kicking my legs on my bed like a schoolgirl
october 25 2023- 3,000 visits! wahoo!!!! yippee!!!!! sorry i havent been updating this as often :( ive had no time to allocate here due to schoolwork + the cringetober art prompt list..
october 11 2023- decided to organize by year. created year pages for da art. its in progress baby!!!
october 5 2023- i. GOT the code for the art gallery finally!!! i now need to figure out how i want to organize the art itself. not going to do that right this second becasuse i am. tired. i should have been a sleep a while ago.
september 30 2023- media page updated with vitamin connection brainrot + a slight format change. im currently taking a mental break from the art gallery code because i think i bashed my head against the wall too hard in frustration (cant get herself to do it).
september 27 2023- an attempt was made to get the gallery working on the art page. didnt work V-V (ignore the absolute state of that page currently. the makeshift gallery code is not working in my favor currently)
september 18 2023- art page made and added albeit barebones for now. also i did make another page (playlists) a while back (around a week ago?? i think) but that is Not Done Yet and also idk where to put it rn. may or may be properly accessed soon.
september 4 2023- added a few more stamps to the graphics page.
september 3 2023- HEY we hit 2,000 visits while i was busy!!! yippee!
august 21 2023- shrine page on navbar has been replaced with media page! as i have a bunch of media i generally want to mention something about- either ones i have verrrry constant small interests in or ones ive stopped being active in. so i made that page :)
august 17 2023- added more shiny things to the about me (seperated the 'favorite..' section, added music playlist + funy videos i enjoy playlist). though i think how i coded the formatting on that page was a genuine sin and if an actual programmer saw it they'd kill me. its probably going to fuck me over later when i want to add more gifs into it too but thats a problem for future me!!!! teehee
august 16 2023- new page! graphics page. 19$ fortnite card f2u stamps, who want it? also, tweaked the nav bar, added the adopt archive to it, and i have Nuked the explosions they are Gone. they got too annoying! would like to note that since i added the button ive had a big uptick of views? from 5-10 views to 160.... i wonder if someone is actually using it lol
august 15 2023- FINALLY finished and revamped the about page!!!! i wanted to rewrite and reformat it since forever agoooo. a slight wip because i want to fill out the rest of the page with funny gifs and stamps and buttons :P also... i made a button for this website!!!! as you can see above.
august 13 2023- not an update but would like to mention we hit 1,000 visits today! :)
august 6 2023- small tweaks to the adopt archive...
august 3 2023- added dragcave adopts to the adopt archive and have just realized that i havent actually linked the page anywhere. oops! i havent found a good place to put it yet so heres a link for it here. i cant keep adding shit to the nav bar....
july 24 2023- naq shrine rewritten a bit because i felt like i didnt put enough about it the first time round... i wasnt mentally ill enough about it!!
july 23 2023- adopt archive updated with better descriptions + made to look nicer + added all CS adopts i could find. whether ill actually find any of my PFQ adoptables is in the air (though probably not)
july 20 2023- adopt archive page made. god that is going to take a long time to finish i remember having like 20+ of those fuckers.
july 19 2023- update log and links page is made + added pkmn emerald review to reviews page + webamp added to naq shrine albiet in a default skin (because i have no place to host .wsz files augh). i have found out that due to the way i made the reviews page i cannot add images to the individual reviews. bashing my head into a wall!
july 9-18 2023- home + about + shrines homepage + naq shrine are made and finished. nights shrine + reviews page made. didnt keep a update log during this time and uh didnt bother to remember. look i was not having a good time learning html+css this didnt cross my mind.
july 8 2023- website made!!!!!!!