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'wow! this looks really... simplistic!' i know. i dont know how to code and im also kinda going 4 simplistic. else id go insane.
also yes yes very original star background. dont care + L + ratio.
infinitely wip until i properly learn how to code and use this stupid thing we call html and css properly. pages may be unfinished due to me flipflopping between them lol

anyways. have fun!
(also.. for if you ever want to link to my website for some reason)

(no hotlinking please!)
pin something up on the guestboard?

  love is in the air? wrong. gas leak.  

update log
february 21 2024- added a personality quiz section to the about me . also, hit 9k visits. im getting so popular ...
february 19 2024- birthdayifyed the home page because its my birthday today :) i'll keep it up for this whole week.
february 14 2024- added a buuuunch of art to the 2023 page, so im almost fully done with that page. art has been added to the 2021 page and 2024 page, and i cleaned up the art hub page. also, a secret has been added...
february 6 2024- hit 8k views.
january 25 2024- made a 2024 art page and added some art to the 2023 one.
january 24 2024- added stuff to physical art page and also added it to the art navbar (plus the photography page is there now too. i forgot to link it lol)
january 19 2024- 7k views hit ^-^ also got rid of the new years stuff.
january 7 2024- got the music player working on the naq shrine again...! its been readded now
january 5 2024- photography page updated with photos
january 1 2024- happy new years y'all. the update log (this thang) has been cleared of 2023 updates as to prevent clutter. you can find the 2023 updates here! also, i have added links to video series's and music i find interesting to the links page ^-^