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cheesecake 100%. i dont have it all the time but when i do its always sooo good fr... i specifically prefer the vanilla and chocolate flavors! i dont especially like when food has like big fruit chunks in it lol

coffee, but specifically the instant kind with no milk and 3 spoons of sugar. i never had a coffee machine at home so i never got attached to freshly brewed coffee..

to be honest i am not a movie guy. i simply dont watch movies very often. well i dont go out looking to watch movies in my free time, i prefer video essays or more episodic-based stories.

if i tried to pick one it would be outdated within a week. my music taste is all over the place and also switches out relatively frequently! though i do have a music playlist off to the right which picks a few specific songs that i find pretty good.

a tossup between royal purple/purple in general and cherry red!

personality quizzes
What Pokemon Starter Are You? I am a Natu!


hi hi hi i am the webmaster. master of the web.
my name is [redacted] but you can call me mara!
she/her + aroace
im georgian!!! (THE BETTER ONE (the country)) and also american i guess. im mainly a digital artist but i dabble in a bunch of different stuff bc my main philosophy in life is 'fuck around and find out'. this website is one of those things lol
not. uh. sure how to describe myself. im not entirely sure about all of my personality traits myself !!! just infer it from the rest of the website ig. sorry V-V
will most likely not talk to anyone else on here. im not good at conversations in general augh. evil counterpart to everyone who is like 'im always down to chat!!! just send me an email :)'. im never down to chat dont talk to me i only exist for the period of time you spend on my website 💥💥

quastions and answers
'whyd you call urself maraschinotopped?'
it was already my username on a diff website and its pretty nice. couldnt think of another one so lol. also gives me the nickname mara which i like a lot. (pronounced mar-ah btw. 'mar' as pronounced in 'mars'!)

'whyd you choose specifically maraschino cherries. whats so special about them'
'hmm i want something cherry themed' > google 'types of cherries' > 'yeah maraschino is a nice name' > profit

'whyd you start coding from scratch despite having zero experience? why not use a template and work from there?'
it was actually my original plan to use a template lol. its just for some reason, literally none of the template codes i used worked. i tried like 3 different website-building websites and when i tried putting them into here they simply didnt work. eventually i gave up (because i didnt want to comb through and try to figure out what was breaking the code) and went 'ok FINE ill make it from scratch'. i feel like that was the right decision because im having a lot more fun doing this from scratch fully! yayyyy

'whos that little binch on the right'
That is my Mascot show her a little Respect. her name is sunny and she occupies a permanent spot in my brain. shes a little puppet haunted by the horrors of self awareness :) i love her dearly. you will see her on other spots of the website.

'any other fun facts?'
uuh. well. ive got a cat currently (a Beast who has been dubbed 'caramel' but i usually just call her baby) and i love her dearly. ive got that Mental Illness (neurodivergent). i refuse to pay for any subscription service ever we die by youtube to mp3 converters and finding shit online. im agnostic simply just because i dont think about religion enough in daily life to justify actually having one. this website is made via the inbuilt neocities editor, html-css-js.com, and frantically googling how to do certain things. my favorite pokemon would be houndoom. the only language i know fluently is english, and i know only a little bit of spanish + georgian. this is because i suck ass at learning languages and simply cant get one to stick :T
if you want More then just look around the website. i probably mention a few things here or there.

AUAUAGHHH i need more Stamps And Funny Buttons. to fill up this page.

videos i like :)

music playlist